¥ENN, by Kelly Becker

Simplify your pre-convention experience with ¥ENN

Simple Content Management

No File Uploading

We understand that most webmasters are underqualified for their job, so we make your life simple by removing the need to upload files. All you have to do to add a page is go to the content panel and click "add page".

No knowledge of HTML required

The ¥ENN content manager bundles in Markdown, a simple alternative to HTML. ¥ENN allows you to write your pages in plain text then it automatically converts your text to HTML for you. For all of you people who love HTML, don't worry; you can still use HTML along side it.

Theme compatible

Our content management system is smart. If you have a template that allows the use of sidebars ¥ENN will automatically determine if a page has sidebar content and render it accordingly. All you have to do is write the content.

Airline Style Registration

Multiple Badges

With ¥ENN you can create multiple types of badges. If you want to sell whole weekend badges, great! Decide you want to be brave and sell single days, awesome! Going the large scale convention route and selling premium badges, More power to you! ¥ENN Supports it all!

Changing Rates

In the large scale convention scene it is common to raise the rates of badges the closer you get to the convention date. With ¥ENN we allow you to set as many prices and dates as you want. The new price will automatically take effect at the time (GMT) specified. So don't worry about staying up late on the 31st of march, let ¥ENN change that price for you!

Extra Features

Every badge has the capability of having "extras". An extra can be just about anything. You could attach the option for a t-shirt to all your premium registrants (they even can tell you their size), or you could just list that with a particular badge they will receive access to a special event.

Convention Store

Coming Soon

Since ¥ENN is still a work in progress we haven't added this feature yet, but it is on the todo list.

Staff Administration

Coming Soon

Since ¥ENN is still a work in progress we haven't added this feature yet, but it is on the todo list.

Payment Security

Stripe™ Integration

¥ENN is proud to use Stripe™ as our primary payment processing partner. For a licensed copy of ¥ENN you will be required to have an SSL Certifcate. We can purchase this for you and bundle it into your payment plan or you may request the CSR from us and have it generated yourself. When checking-out your clients will be on a 2048-bit encrypted connection and their credit card information never touches our servers; maintaining PCI Compliance. You can access minor details about the card and customer through the ¥ENN admin panel if needed later.

More Information

Contact Kelly Becker

You can contact kelly at. kbecker@kellybecker.me

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